Andhra Pradesh SSC (10th class) results 2012 today

Unavailability of minister for secondary education K Parthasarathi has kept around 13 lakh students waiting for one more day for the SSC (Class 10th) SSC results; however these results would be declared today i.e. 24th May at 11:00 as minister is back in city from his campaign. Once declared, students can check the results at various results portals like, and also on the official website of Directorate of Government Examinations on

There will be history in making with the declaration of the results this time as students would be awarded with the grades based on the model of CBSE board with an intention to reduce the stress from the students. Passed students would be given grades from the different eight grades. Students who score marks in the range of 92 to 100 in a particular subject will be given A1, similarly for 83 to 91 marks (A2), 75 to 82 (B1), 67 to 74 (B2), 59 to 66 (C1), 51 to 58 (C2), 43 to 50 (D1), 35 to 42 (D2) and for 34 and below marks, an E grade will be awarded.

For A1 grade students, 10 grade points will be awarded, while it will be 9 for A2, 8 for B1, 7 for B2, 6 for C1, 5 for C2, 4 for D1, 3 for D2. There will be no grade points for E-grade. Second Language will be judged with different parameters where as for 1st, 3rd and non-languages above mentioned criteria would be applicable.

With the adoption of this Grade Point Average (GPA) methodology, mark sheets would not carry individual or overall marks of the students as it would be replaced by the grades and the average of grade points would decide the final grade of students.


  1. thanks for informing us... and all the very best to all

  2. Lol....i think dis shouldnt be a correct can students recognise their marks when grade is given...u should provie marks along with grades ....or wise students may get confusion...see if u give grade A1 then how can students undrstnd. .... Hey will get more confusion whether they got either 96 or 100 ....see this is very stupid decision...i hope mnister mr.parthasaaradhi ....sry i dnt have respect to these type of minister coz he is ruining students life....he is like a minister to others but nt for me....... See mr.partha sarati..i hope u give marks along with grades......i hope u chng ur stupid decision to good decision.....

  3. Yay my elder sister passed with A1 grade

  4. When a student A got 92 marks in all 6 subjects, he will get 552 marks and GPA 10. And another student B got 98 in 5 subjects and 90 in one subject, the total marks will be 590, but GPA will be 9.8. Now, how can we decide student A is best of B is best ?

  5. Why someone should be good at all subjects? Merit is royally scre**d by the new system.

    Now everyone attempt for 92 marks only. No cerdit for the person who got 100 in 5 subjects and 90 in one subject.

    Those who don't know maths and passed with with-held options would have made this amendment.

    I am very sorry for those who are uneducated and not knowing the value of education and made the amendment.

    For now it's all the shit whole Andhra pradesh has to take it.

  6. hell cbse 12th result is killing me by waitng the reult its like a sucide....please announce it m dyng.....

  7. i got 9.5 as average what about my grade

  8. 1203ii5308 results details

  9. i got 8.8 as average what about my grade?


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